Many a year before FedWars' birth. G-Fed ruled the land. However, in the IRL time of 2012, shit literally hit the fan, and G-Fed closed. This is what remains. Not the good things, but the lulzy, oh so lulzy flamewars. Here is what we have so far...

Brian announcing that it was the last week to buy the G-FedCreds

To add some yourself. Here is a lulzy guide.

1) To capture the entire image, use CaptureFullPage just put in the link that you want to save and then view the image. Should look perfect.

'2) Go to' ImageShack' and 'upload the picture using the link of the finished product (the picture will not remain on CaptureFullPage for long).

3) Go to this page, press edit and insert the link. Your lulz for the day is complete.

4) Also for hardcore peepz, use the WayBackMachine to get some older threads and save them. EVERYTHING must be saved before 31st October 2012.